Drink made You DRUNK

Hello there, I want to wrote some anecdots about someone who loves to drink alcohol (drunkard) till death drunk.

You can send these anecdots to all persons who speaking and acting like a drunkard even they drink no alcohol too.

Please read and smile than sent to them as soon as possible and hopefully it will make them become a better man.

Drink, drunk, drunkard stop drinking alcohol
Will drink make you happy?

Panjul was brought up before the priest. “What happen were you drinking?” asked the priest.

“I was on a bus with bad friends, they all drink hatters.

“Wow, they must be the best friends you can have to stop your drink habbit!”

“I don’t think so. I had a bottle of Vodca and had to drink it al by myself”.


Kampret loves to drink and one day he’s promise to treat his friends to persuade them drink until drunk. When they already take the botle, he yelled in the bar:

“When I drink all of you drinks!” and all also yelled and follow him drinking their whisky.


Then he shouted again “When I take another drink, everybody takes another drink!”

Again, all with drank up happily. Then he took 5 dollar from his pocket and slapped them on the bar, then he yelled “When I pay… everybody pay!”.

All his drunk friends pay their drink forgot Kampret promised to treat them.

When Kampret and Kadrun became Drunk

Kadrun told Kampret he was going to a wake, and Kampret offered to accompanying him. On the way they buy a bottle of whiskey and become sloshed.

As a result Kadrun couldn’t remember the address of the mourning place.

“Where is the house?” Kampret asked.


“I forget the number but I’m sure this is the street” Kadrun said digresly.

Then they walked along for an hour until drop and slept on the pedestrian till sunrise

Quotes for Drunkard
  • Then not only an old man, but also a drunkard, becomes a second time a child (Plato)
  • A drunkard is one thing, and a temperate man is quite another (Arthur Keith)
  • He is a drunkard who takes more than three glasses though he be not drunk (Epictetus)

Stay away from your friends who loves drinking alcohol, or you’ll become a drunkard.

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God blee you, God bless Indonesia.


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